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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Savora?

Savora is a premium mixer that is specifically crafted for pairing with Tequila! The first mixer in our range is Zesty Lime & Sweet Agave, perfectly balanced to uplift the natural flavours of Tequila. However, that doesn’t mean you ​​can’t try it with other spirits! We think that Savora works best with Tequila, but we would love to hear what other creations our community have come up with!

Where can I purchase Savora?

Savora is available online at Craft 56 as well as other stockists.

We also have an ever-growing number of stockists so head over to Our Stockists page to find your nearest location.

Isn’t Tequila just a shot?

In short, no. Tequila, like most spirits, can be enjoyed in many ways such as in a margarita, tequila sunrise or mixed with Savora. We often ask gin drinkers whether they like to drink gin as a shot; the majority resoundingly reply no. So before you decide you don’t like tequila, try Tequila Savora.

How can I find out more information?

The best way to stay ahead of the trend and get access to information first is to join our mailing list and follow us on our social media. You can find both in the links below. If you are looking for any further information, please reach out to the Savora team using the contact form. We love to hear from our community!

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