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Tequila Tasting With The Team

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Last Friday the Savora team got together for a Tequila tasting evening to celebrate and welcome the new interns who have recently joined the business. This was a fun way to try the Tequila Savora pairing and allowed the team a chance to meet properly and get to know each other. It was an exciting event which saw the team try 4 different agave-based spirits with Savora – Blanco, Reposado, Anejo and Mezcal. Check out our other blog post ‘Tequila: All You Need To Know’ for more details on different types of Tequila. All of these spirits pair perfectly with Savora. However, everyone had their personal favourite!

Let’s introduce our team members and hear their thoughts on the tasting evening with their favourite tequilas –

“For me, the main thing with Tequila is that it’s 100% agave. I can appreciate the different qualities of all types of Tequila, but if I had to pick I would have to go with a Blanco. When paired with the right mixer I find the zesty and floral notes are really uplifted and make for a great summers drink!”

Matthew Walker – Co-founder

“I love the variety in Tequila in terms of where it is grown, how it is processed and then aged! I would have to say though, that my favourite is a Blanco Tequila where you get the truest taste of the agave from the spirit.”

Danielle White – Co-Founder

“My favourite Tequila we tried was the Blanco, due to its crisp, refreshing flavour that was accentuated when mixed with Savora. The smoky Mezcal was a close second!”

Henry Rawlings – Graphic Designer,

“I’m no Tequila expert, but the Blanco paired with the Savora Zesty Lime and Sweet Agave mixer was so refreshing and lovely! It was my favourite out of the tequilas we tried, and it was so interesting to learn more about how the ageing process effects the taste of the product!”

Amber King – Marketing Assistant,

Recent Graduate of Theatre and Performance at the University of Bristol

“I really enjoyed trying Savora with all of the different Tequilas and think they all suited Savora super well! For me, the Mezcal really stood out as it had a warming, smoky taste and notes of Eucalyptus. I also really enjoyed the Blanco tequila with Savora as it was the most light and summery pairing.”

Zara Grew – Sales Assistant, Recent Graduate of English/Comparative Literature at the University of Glasgow

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